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Annual UCW Spring Tea
With Special Guest  Mary Cook
11:30 - 3 Saturday, May 27

Gather at 11:30 for a glass  of  punch and a half hour of shopping for jewellery, gloves, hats or purses at our mini bazaar. Lunch will be served at  12 noon. Tea Tickets at $5.00 each will be available from UCW members or the Church office. Proceeds from the event will be in aid  of Cornerstone/Housing for Women.

The Thursday evening 'Time Out with God' (TOG) sessionsis held every Thursday evening from 6 to 8 pm, in Woodside Hall. All are welcome. New visitors are particularly invited to come and check us out.  Food and fellowship, study and discussion, music and singing, and collective prayer are all part of our evening.  ‎The presence of the Holy Spirit makes this an energizing and uplifting time.

The Big Give. Saturday, June 3rd at 10-2. We at Dominion-Chalmers are a group of volunteers who passionately believe that kindness and generosity are an integral part of our Christian faith will hold our second “Big Give” event.  Our goal is to embrace a fast growing movement in Ottawa designed to bless city neighbourhoods through a unified day of giving extravagantly - EVERYTHING IS FREE!
This year, The Stan Clark Orchestra will provide live entertainment. Food will be on the menu as well. This free BBQ will feature hamburgers, sausages, refreshments and a wide array of condiments. 
We will provide “FREE STUFF” in the parking lot with a 10:00 AM start.
To accomplish this we NEED YOUR HELP!
If you have items that you wish to donate (furniture, small household items, books, clothes etc…) please leave them with Charles McDonald. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.
For more information on the Big Give go to their web site at

Our music director Ian Bevell has started a handbell choir. They ring togehter every Wednesday @4:30-5:50pm. Please speak to Ian or contact the church office for more information.

Lunchtime Concerts: Fridays at Noon.
Come and hear our talented musicians and friends perform in our concert series from 12-12:45pm. 

May 19th    Emily Shaw, Guitar Duo           
May 26th    Corey Arnold, Voice
June   2nd    Deanna Ponnuthurai, Voice
June   9th    Nunu Zhang, Piano
June 16th    Tatiana Dardykina and Anna Peletsis, Piano Duet
 June 23rd    Ian Bevell, Andrew Ager &     Friends, Organ/Piano   

Information about our United Church Women's Group "The UCW" can be found on our Special Events page.

Choirs and Music at Dominion-Chalmers United Church.

The Parish Choir.

This is the church's main choir for Sunday Worship. It is made up in the traditional 4 parts (SATB) and sings a range of music from the Renaissance through to the current day.
It rehearses on Thursday afternoons from 4-5.30pm; and also from 9.30am on Sunday mornings prior to the weekly service at 10.30am There is no voice test for this choir. Please contact the Director of Music at the church for more details.

The Handbell Choir.

Dominion-Chalmers has a full set of Schumerich Handbells. This is a new choir for the church involving the congregation and the local community. It rings together Wednesdays 4:30-5:30pm. Please contact the Director of Music for more details.

 “Jubilate” Children’s Choir.

The “Jubilate” choir is a free choir, run by Ian W. Bevell, Director of Music at Dominion-Chalmers United Church. It  was established in January 2016, and is for all Children aged between 7-13 years old. It does not require its members to rehearse “ad nauseum” each week, but meets on a Friday, a month before it is due to sing and engages in a tight 4-week rehearsal plan, prior to any performance. It will consists of up to 30 children who are registered with the choir, and who are available to sing for at least 2 events per year, namely the Christmas Concert, and at least one other of the remaining events (Black History; Easter Sunday and Spring Concert, plus any further special occasions.)

It sings from memory in a variety of styles and languages, the emphasis being more on  “fun” then a rigorous repetitive rehearsal style. Depending on the ‘make-up’ of the children taking part in each project, it isn’t always necessary for all members to attend each and every rehearsal, save that they work on the material which is sent ahead of time to their parents email addresses. All we ask is that they attend a minimum of 50% of the rehearsals, plus the Friday night rehearsal before a performance, and the final “full” rehearsal on the day of the performance. There is no voice test for this choir.

Although many of the children already involved read music, that is not an overall requirement. The Director is prepared to work with individuals who may find that the work being set is at all challenging, at a pre-determined time, suitable to all. If your Child/Children are interested in being part of this this group, then please contact the Director at the church office.

Liturgical Instrumentalists.

There are many uses for Instrumentalists in the services that take place both in the Sanctuary and the Chapel. Please contact the Director of Music for more details.

Friends of Dominion-Chalmers Music
Fund raising Program

The Choir here at Dominion Chalmers is made up of both congregational members and Student Choral Leads taken from both Ottawa’s Carleton & Ottawa Universities. The Choral Leads are an integral part of our choir and also our congregation Without them, the Choir could not really exist in it’s current form. It costs $9,000 a year to maintain the Choral Lead Program. Whilst we are engaged in raising money through Fund-Raising Concerts, we also need your help.

If you choose to donate to this fundraising project, then all gifts will be Tax Deductible. Please make Cheques payable to Dominion-Chalmers United Church. Also, if you wish you can have your names printed under the appropriate banner on the Concert Programs as “Sponsors. of the Music Fund” under the appropriate banner. Dominion-Chalmers United Church has been well known for having a superb Choral tradition, and with your help and generosity we hope to continue the process so recently started.

All donations of any size are welcome. Bronze level is $100  Silver level is $200 and Gold level is $400.

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