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2012 Anniversary Vignette #1

The Genealogy of 

Dominion-Chalmers United Church


        The name “Dominion-Chalmers” encapsulates much of the history of this church, which has deep roots in two Protestant denominations - Methodist and Presbyterian - that strove to meet the

spiritual needs of the pioneers of Bytown in the 19th Century.

       In the language of genealogy, the churches of these two streams of ancestors can be viewed as the generations of two families that were eventually united in 1962, thereby becoming a tangible expression of the founding concept of the United Church of Canada.    


Methodist  Ancestors

Generation #1   -  Methodist Chapels built in Lower (1826) and

                                Upper Town (1830), Bytown.


Generation #2   -  Merger of the two chapels (1852) as Metcalfe

                                 Street Methodist Church (Photograph).


Generation #3   -  Dominion Methodist Church opened on the site of

                                The Metcalfe Street Church (1876) to

                                accommodate the growing congregation


                               -  Became Dominion United Church in 1925,

                                -  Destroyed by fire on 04 February 1961.


Generation #4   -  Dominion-Chalmers United Church - 1962




               Metcalfe Street Methodist Church, 1852-1874



                                  Dominion Church, 1876-1961           


Presbyterian  Stream

Generation #1      -    St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church - 1828

                                  -    Knox Presbyterian Church established in Sandy

                                     Hill in 1844 by St. Andrew’s members who

                                     were sympathetic to the tenets of the Free

                                     Church of Scotland.


Generation #2      -   Bank Street Presbyterian Church  built to

                                    accommodate the increasing population

                                       on the west side of the Rideau Canal.


Generation #3      -  Chalmers Presbyterian Church at O’Connor and

                                    Cooper Streets inaugurated in 1914.

                                   -   became Chalmers United Church in 1955.

                                -  Chalmers Church rebuilt after major fire

                                    damage on 10 April 1955.

Generation #4      -   Dominion-Chalmers United Church - 1962




Records of Mrs. Audrey Hilborn, Dominion-Chalmers United Church Archivist, 1970s-80s. 

Dominion United Church - An  Historical Sketch, 1876-1926, by

J. L. Payne & Mrs. Peter Whelen

The History of Bank Street Presbyterian Church, Ottawa, 1865-1911

by Rev. William Moore, D.D.